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A little about who we are:

Founded in 2018, AlignHand Referral Agency is committed to connecting homeowners like you with professional and reliable house cleaners who provide exceptional cleaning services. We understand the importance of a clean and healthy home, and our goal is to make the process of finding the perfect cleaner as easy and convenient as possible.

At AlignHand, we take pride in our extensive network of experienced and vetted house cleaners. Whether you're in need of a one-time deep cleaning, regular maintenance cleaning, or move-in/move-out cleaning, we have the right professionals to meet your specific needs. Our cleaners are detail-oriented, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your home receives the attention it deserves.

What sets us apart is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We prioritize your peace of mind by thoroughly screening our cleaners and ensuring they are trustworthy and reliable. We also understand the importance of eco-friendly practices, and many of our cleaners utilize environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for a healthier living environment.

As a referral agency, our website serves as a hub where you can easily browse through available house cleaners, read reviews and ratings, and make informed decisions. You can also find helpful resources and tips on our blog to maintain a clean and organized home.

Whether you reside in Los Angeles or Orange County, AlignHand is here to assist you in finding the perfect cleaner for your home. Take a look at our services page to explore the range of cleaning options we offer, or visit our contact page to get in touch with our friendly team.

We invite you to experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with AlignHand Referral Agency. Let us help you create a sparkling clean home that you'll love coming back to.


What is a referral agency?

What sets AlignHand Referral Agency apart from traditional house cleaning companies is our unique approach to connecting homeowners with exceptional cleaners. As a referral agency, we specialize in matching you with experienced and reliable house cleaners who are ready to transform your home into a pristine sanctuary. Unlike a typical house cleaning company that directly employs cleaners, we serve as a bridge between you and a vast network of carefully vetted cleaning professionals. Our extensive screening process ensures that only the most qualified and trustworthy cleaners become part of our network.

By working with AlignHand Referral Agency, you benefit from our personalized matchmaking service. We take the time to understand your specific cleaning requirements and preferences, then connect you with cleaners who are the perfect fit. You have the freedom to choose the cleaner who resonates with your needs and preferences. Our user-friendly website serves as a central hub where you can browse through profiles, read reviews, and select a cleaner who meets your expectations. We provide a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to easily find and book the ideal cleaner for your home.

Whether you need regular maintenance cleaning, a deep cleaning session, or move-in/move-out cleaning, AlignHand Referral Agency has you covered. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations with every cleaning service.

Experience the convenience and reliability of AlignHand Referral Agency in Los Angeles and Orange County. Let us connect you with a trusted cleaner who will provide exceptional service and ensure your home shines with cleanliness. Take the first step towards a cleaner home by browsing our available cleaners or contacting our friendly team today.

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We made it fast, easy, and super convenient for you. With our booking form, you can see prices by selecting the services you want and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms of your home. You can always reach out to use via phone or email in case you don’t see the services you need in the booking form, or if you have any questions! Not only that – you can schedule your cleaning without having to write or call anyone…book in less that 60 seconds. 

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Confirmation Emails and Reminders

After you book your cleaning appointment, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that you have successfully reserved an appoinment with one of our experienced cleaners. We will also send reminders through our automated email and text messaging software.

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On the Day of Your Cleaning

Our skilled cleaners offer a reliable, top-quality cleaning service with all necessary equipment and supplies. They personalize their approach to address any areas needing special attention, and ensure your complete satisfaction before leaving.

Current Positions

AlignHand is always looking to grow our network of cleaners and support teams to keep up with current demand. Apply below for any of the following positions.

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