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WeMaid's Recommended Best Cleaning Products!
Used by our own experienced cleaners.

Although WeMaid is here to serve all of your house cleaning and maid service needs, we do understand that sometimes you will need to do a few house cleaning chores in between WeMaid's professional cleaning services. Perhaps you have some unepected friends coming over? Maybe some family is in from out of town unexpectedly? Wouldn't it be great to have some of the best cleaning products under your kitchen sink that will leave your home looking and smelling like a million bucks?

When it comes to cleaning, there are so many different cleaning products on the market. WeMaid has taken the time to find the best cleaning products out there for you to use in between cleanings, or for even every day use. These products are easy on your budget and don't require a lot of work on your part - just add them to your regular shopping list!

dyson ball best cleaning products

Dyson Ball Animal 2

Drive deep into carpet fibers and allow the Dyson to work its magic to capture dust, hair, and ground-in dirt.

method granite best cleaning products

Method Cleaning Spray - Daily Granite

Made with plant based cleaning agents to help achieve a sparkle without streaks or stress. Surface safe on marble, granite, and sealed stone.

lysol best cleaning products

Lysol All-Purpose & Disinfectant

Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, eliminates soap scum, and cuts through tough grease & grime. Can also be used to deodorize!

mr clean best cleaning products

Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaning Solution (with Febreeze)

Works all around the house! Cut through 100% of dirt, grease, and grime.

window cleaner best cleaning products


Cleans all glass surfaces by dissolving dirt, grease, grime, and grit. One of the best glass cleaners that we have used!

best cleaning products wemaid

Clorox Plus - Mold & Mildew Remover

Delivers a powerful clean without scrubbing and kills 99.9% of common bacteria found in home. Helps fight tough stains and kill mildew lurking below the surface.

method best cleaning products wemaid

Method All-Purpose Surface Spray

Biodegradable and plant based cleaning formula to cut through grease and grime. All purpose surface cleaner.

soft scrub best cleaning products

Soft Scrub With Bleach

Tough on stains and gentle on surfaces. Achieve a brilliant, scratch free shine on most surfaces.

method wemaid best cleaning products

Method Squirt & Mop - Spearmint Sage

One-step clean and gleam, no rinsing required. Biodegradable formula with plant based power. Safe on most flooring.